Within every chaos there is a cosmos, within every derangement there is a secret order.

I am an accredited healing practitioner for psychotherapy and work as transpersonal therapist, depth coach and spiritual teacher.

Comprehensive training and education in hypnotherapy, transpersonal regression, soul-centered-healing, magnetism, high performance coaching and quantum physiology is the base of my methodology. On my journeys through South America I learn from traditional shamans and healers.

I am writer of children’s books and philosophic-psychological topics. Furthermore I am working as a degreed digital artist in the area of digital consulting and media design. I studied at an art university.

I give lectures at different universities and congresses and like to share my experience and my knowledge. The nature of existence, consciousness and my family are the center of my life.

Here you find out what you will win through our work together!


Sven Heck - Traumatherapy. transpersonal therapy, hypnotherapy Berlin