Body – Emotion – Mind – Soul

The most important element in the process of healing is you. The methods I am working with support you in realizing and acknowledging yourself and letting go of what you do not need anymore. Then real transformation is happening. I work depth-oriented psychological, humanistic, transpersonal and with open-mindedness and respect for everything you bring in.

For the activation of your new energy and for solving of blockages and fears I use holistic methods of trauma therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and transpersonal psychology and regression. Through expanding your possibilities you learn to be simply healthy.

The knowledge about the subtle and spiritual dimensions of existence supports this process. Waking up from the illusions and projections brings enlightening of consciousness. Through this we create presence and openness, awareness and strength in the moment.

 Here you find out more about the methods:

Trauma-Therapy Hypno-Therapy Transpersonal Psychology Regression