Everything that we are is created by our thoughts. With our thoughts we shape the world.

Every human being is unique and I adapt to that individually and sensitive. In a first phone call we come into contact and evolution begins.
Sometimes it makes sense to have a longer pre-talk in my practice room – sometimes we are directly going into the process and do a session on the first meeting.

We look for possibilities and blockages in your life and develop an effective strategy. Sessions are deep and last 1,5 – 3 hours. We are working with very strong, powerful and effective methods. Changes and healing will start directly.

Through the depth and efficacy of the methods the number of sessions that have to be done is reduced in comparison to other kinds of therapy. You decide how deep you want to go into process. I will consult you holistically and share my experience.

There is also the possibility to directly flow deep into your process. In intensive retreats we work the whole day or more days in a row. You get the possibility to deeply transform with a nice time frame. Retreats create best working atmosphere and relaxed dynamics.