In the moment you decide for change, your life will change

Therapy and depth coaching are possibilities to recognize a path and to walk it. Through impulses from outside we remember what we need to be satisfied and relaxed. Relaxed with ourselves, with people around us, with our work and our life.

  • Gaining clarity, refining balance, living stability
  • Recognizing projections and solving blockages
  • Transforming negativity and heaviness into active energy
  • Sharpening focus and gaining clear-sightedness
  • Activating consciousness and enlightening the mind
  • Strengthening, refining and using talents
  • Experiencing natural spirituality and strengthening connections
  • Developing freedom of choice and self-reliance

In the therapeutic work we solve old unhealthy patterns and you let go of the past. You activate self-healing forces and go on in your life with a smile.

  • Recognizing and solving fears, phobias and obsessions
  • Healing traumatic experiences and post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Positively affecting psychosomatic disorders and pain
  • Ending phases of burn-out, sleeplessness and migraines
  • Understanding and solving relationship problems
  • Leaving loneliness, solving insecurities and gaining self-confidence
  • Solving blockages and aimlessness
  • Understanding spiritual phenomena and ending crisis

Further important areas of transpersonal therapy are terminal care and grief work.