True spirituality is the natural connection with our own life-force

Transpersonal Psychology focuses on all dimensions of human experience. It also includes experiences that go far beyond the “I” or the “Ego”. These experiences shape us beyond the borders of personality towards our whole, true self.

In transpersonal psychology we understand man with all sensations, experiences and states of consciousness holistically. We work with what you bring in, what you are and with all that forms reality.

Through refinement of our own consciousness we can experience that the universe is more than we might think.

Especially the energetic, mental and spiritual dimensions of our realities are taken into account. The methods that we work with in transpersonal psychology are based on humanistic psychology in which we built up on man’s capability to evolve to the highest possibilities.

Here you find out more about the methods:

Trauma-Therapy Hypno-Therapy Transpersonal Psychology Regression