Flow is created from midst

When we experience hurt, have fear or we are in despair it has strong effects on our reality. It is the traumatic situation and the experiences we have made that imprint and shape thinking styles, sensations and patterns.

These situations and memories, these patterns are relived and repeated again and again, even that the actual trigger might not even be that threatening.

During trauma therapy I support you sensitive and honest through the negative experiences towards the safe space that is inside of you. The space where you are allowed to be as you truly are. You let go of the old experiences, heal the old pain and solve anger, hopelessness and despair.

For your brave work you will earn inner freedom and silence. With more space, more breath and a better awareness of life. Past ends and you finally let go of negative experiences.

Here you find out more about the methods:

Trauma-Therapy Hypno-Therapy Transpersonal Psychology Regression